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The Preliminary Walkthrough - A Video

Michele Free - Sunday, July 8, 2012

If you are contacted by All Seasons that ti's time for you preliminary walkthrough, you may be wondering what it entails. This is a normal procedure done about 2 to 3 months after move in, in accordance with out contract with the homeowner.

The purpose of this walkthrough is to make sure the home is being properly cared for, as well as to check the carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors.
  It is not necessary that you be home for this walkthrough unless you prefer to be.

Please be aware that we schedule 20-30 of these in any given day, so it is impossible to accommodate scheduling requests. We know that re-scheduling may be desired, however, due to the large number of these that we do, we cannot re-schedule this to take place on a different date.

Two All Seasons staff members will be present for the walkthrough, and the whole process usually takes no more than 10 minutes.

It is imperative that we be able to access all rooms on the property, so please make sure that the screen door and any interior doors are unlocked. If we are unable to access certain rooms in the main entry or screen door, All Seasons has the right to take the necessary actions to gain access at your expense. We will have a copy of your key to access exterior doors, so please do not leave those doors unlocked. We will lock them when we leave.

Typically, pets are not an issue, however, any pets that may be hostile to strangers need to be either kenneled, placed in the backyard, or off site. Please be assured that we will be cautious to not let your pets outside.

As per the lease, All Seasons is permitted to enter the property as long as notification to the tenant has been attempted via email, phone, or by mail. This is why it is crucial that we always have your most up-to-date contact information.

Thanks for your cooperation, and enjoy the video!