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7 Hats of Property Managers

Matt Rogers - Monday, April 2, 2018

Property Managers have to be well-rounded in their experience and expertise. The job is really a combo of jobs, and the manager must jump from one to another seamlessly. At All Seasons, our team is trained with the highest designations, and All Seasons, LLC, CRMC is the only company in Southern Colorado with the CRMC designation. (To read more about property management designations, click here.) If you need the very best in property management, give All Seasons, LLC, CRMC as call today at: (719) 632-3368. We're simply the best! Here are the 7 hats of property managers we've put together for you.

Real Estate Agent

  • fix up the house to show it
  • figure out the optimum rent by watching the real-estate market
  • show the home


  • advertise the home online
  • maintain company website and social media
  • promote the brand


  • do background checks and other research for applicants
  • keep an eye out on the property to assure residents’ safety
  • do seasonal property checks

Customer Service

  • provide information online for clients
  • provide Tenant and Owner portals
  • handle maintenance requests
  • quickly address any issues the residents may have
  • document and process maintenance requests

First Responder

  • provide a 24/7 hotline for issues and emergencies
  • get to the problem and help when needed


  • keep track of the costs on each property
  • manage vendors working on the property


  • bring in the rent
  • apply late fees
  • renew or terminate leases
  • process evictions
  • work with attorneys if necessary