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All Seasons Cleaning Guide 2018

Matt Rogers - Monday, November 5, 2018

All Seasons Cleaning Guide 2018

Youʼre Moving!

So itʼs come time to vacate your rental home, and be on your way. With everything you have to think of, checklists can be a good way to make sure you have covered what you need to do.

Cleaning your rental property is an important part of moving. All Seasons, LLC, CRMC has put together this handy-dandy booklet for you, so that you can make sure you have the best chance of redeeming your security deposit. It’s also a great guide for anyone wanting to shine up their property, even if they’re not a renter.

We hope you enjoy this fun look at cleaning, and can make good use of this information. We wish you the best in your moving experience!

Most Frequently Missed Cleaning in Common Areas

All Seasons, LLC CRMC has a very high standard when it comes to the cleanliness of our properties. Keep in mind that this is why you moved into such a pristine property! Here we have complied a list of the things that we have found are most frequently missed when cleaning. This will help you do a quick property check before your final inspection.
  • Top of door trim
  • Front and back door thresholds
  • Top of baseboards
  • Interior glass of windows (Most people miss this because the windows look clean. Make sure to swipe your hand over the pane and ensure that no dirt comes off on your hand.)
  • Ledges on door panels
  • Switch plates
  • Top of thermostats, alarm panels, and doorbell covers
  • Flooring under appliances (washers, dryers, stoves, and refrigerators)
  • Dead bugs in light fixtures
  • Tops of ceiling fans
  • Interior glass of storm doors
  • Air returns
  • Vents on fireplaces

Most Frequently Missed Cleaning in Kitchen

  • Refrigerator gaskets, kick plate and top
  • Removing ice from the ice maker
  • Interior edges of the oven and drawer
  • Interior edges of the dishwasher
  • Under drip pans
  • New drip pans required
  • Interior of cabinets and drawers
  • Microwave-vents, tops, interior ceiling and underneath
  • Grease spots on above the stovetop
  • By the knobs and buttons on stove tops
  • Sides of refrigerators and stoves that are normally hidden by cabinets
  • Behind the sink faucet

Most Frequently Missed Cleaning in Bathrooms

All Seasons Property Management Cleaning Guide
  • Vanity bulbs
  • Behind the sink faucet
  • Towel bars
  • Towel rings
  • Toilet paper holders
  • Interior of cabinets and drawers
  • Exhaust fans
  • Soap scum and/or Ajax residue on shower walls and in tubs
  • Base of toilet
  • Floor behind toilet
  • Light fixture covers
NOTE: Remember to remove all personal items removed from the property--for example: hangers, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, magnets, and loose change.

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