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Pets & Your Home

Matt Rogers - Thursday, September 24, 2020

Pets are our closest companions. They love us no matter what and are constant friends in these crazy times. But with the snow, mud, and in general, pets can be messy. Especially with the upcoming winter months, it can be hard to keep a home clean. Here are 5 easy to implement and low maintenance tips on keeping your home fresh for the winter (and the summer months too!).

Keep a towel by the door or a comb nearby to get the large chunks of snow out of their fur before they lay down. For smaller dogs with longer hair, it can be helpful to put a layer of doggy clothing, especially if they are close to the ground and like to play in the snow. It can keep ice from getting matted in their coats and is easier to wash and swap out when they come inside.

Keeping a water-absorbent mat by the door and underneath your pet's bowl can help your floors stay dryer with snow tracking or water splashing.

Brushing or combing your dog or cat regularly can keep them from shedding as badly. Grooming them regularly is one of the best ways to keep shedding down and bugs away. Here’s a dog soap shampoo bar that has citronella in it to keep the bugs off and is easier to use then bottled shampoo. Click Here!

Regular furnace cleaning is also important to help keep pet dander down. For our tenants, we ensure that the furnace has annual maintenance and cleaning performed. However, if you are not one of our tenants, you may want to consider having this service done by an HVAC company. Of course, replacing the furnace filter monthly will also help keep dander levels lower and ensures optimal performance of the appliance. This is also required in our lease. If you have odor from the pet, air purifiers are a great way to keep the air in your home clean and fresh - especially since the windows will be closed in the colder months.

Yard cleanup is hard to keep on top of in the winter months but is just as important as summer months, as leaving pet waste on lawn can damage it no matter the time of year. It can help to clear the snow out of specific sections of your yard regularly to encourage your pet to use that area to do business and in turn, make it easier to clean up after. Limiting your pet to one area of your yard by blocking off its space makes it easier for you, as you have less area to clean as well.

Remember, if you rent a home professionally managed by All Seasons, LLC CRMC, we do require you seek prior written approval in the form of a Pet Addendum before any pet is on the property. Hopefully, these tips will help you, your pet, and your home feel clean and fresh - even in the upcoming cold months!