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Property Management Annual Vendor Meeting

Matt Rogers - Friday, March 8, 2019

All Seasons LLC, CRMC held our Annual Vendors Meeting and Appreciation Breakfast last week. We interfaced with the folks who keep our properties running. We shared our processes and advice, and they had the chance to talk to us about their work. A lot of good food and info all around!

We also showed a few short, informative for our vendors to reference, and that tenants can see to know what vendor responsibilities are. We thought we'd share them with you here.

Work Standards

7:03 minutes runtime

Watch on YouTube:

Gives the vendor information on bidding, use of rental keys, tenant interactions, preferred vendor responsibilities, attitudes, fair housing practices, work orders, scheduling, job clean up, and more.

Fair Housing

3:04 minutes runtime

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Good advice for preferred vendors on interacting with tenants. This includes the traps vendors can fall into, mistakes that are easy to make, and how listening can help our tenants be more comfortable in their homes.

Hazardous Materials

5:08 minutes runtime

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This video shows how vendors can be sure they avoid problems with any hazardous materials they may encounter at a property. These include lead-based paint, asbestos, carbon monoxide (CO), natural gas leaks, and emergency situations.


7:11 minutes runtime

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We prepare and maintain books for 100s of properties individually, which is like taking care of 100s of separate checkbooks! This video explains how vendors can keep their invoicing simple and straightforward so everyone gets paid on time.