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Seeking Alpha: It's Time To Buy Real Estate

Michele Free - Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Published in Seeking Alpha | August 1, 2012 | Written by Markos Kaminis
If you can afford to invest in it now, it's time to buy real estate. Housing may never be more affordable again in most markets. Mortgage rates are at record lows and based on a recent report, home prices are on the rise again. So, for those who have a safe store of wealth, strong job security and are not living in their own home yet, I suggest investing in real estate now. Those who are a bit better off, might wisely add income earning property to their portfolios. Even as the economy slows anew, threatening to stymie real estate demand, I see other factors that could price real estate out of bounds for most Americans in the future.
The Federal Reserve's efforts to stop the bleeding in housing and rejuvenate the critical sector have combined with international issues to drive U.S. interest rates down. Mortgage rates seem to strike a new record low each week, though the impact to housing demand has been diffused by ongoing economic sluggishness. Yet, those who can afford to buy a home should not let the inability of others affect their decision making now, or risk missing an opportunity to secure unprecedented low fixed mortgage rates.
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