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The Future of the Smart Master Bedroom

Matt Rogers - Tuesday, May 26, 2020

We all like to predict the future. Though many times we’re wrong, it’s fun to look ahead and try to figure out what may come next in technology. For SmartHomes, the predictions very wildly. Here are some fun predictions about the future of the Smart master bedroom. 

The Bedroom 

The Bed 

The bed is the centerpiece of the master bedroom. We already have mattresses that adjust their firmness, and apps that track our sleep when we place the phone on the mattress. What else might the future bring to our beds?

The Mattress

Ikea predicts a smart mattress that adjust to our every preference, helping us all get a good night’s sleep. The mattress will store our preferences in the cloud, so we can’t take our preferences with us, and apply them to mattresses in any hotel that supports our Smart Mattress brand. The mattress with adjust to the humidity we prefer and will have self-comforting features like ambient temperature and density. We may also be able to set health goals the mattress will help us reach.

Auto-Fluff Pillow

We have pillows with speakers and memory foam now, but how about a pillow that remembers your fluff setting and maintains it automatically through the night? OnSleep on Kickstarter is creating a pillow with 2 strategically placed speakers directly under the head to slowly bring you out of sleep with soothing sounds. They added a sunrise simulation light to mimic nature's sunrise. The pillow is supposed to boost serotonin and melatonin while lowering cortisol.

Memory Sheets

We might expect smart sheets to charge our devices or maintain a temperature that aids sleep, but Ikea has taken this a step farther. Much like the Smart Mattress, they envision sheets that remember your preferences so you can recall the data from the cloud when you travel and have any sheets of your brand act just like your sheets at home. The sheets may also give you his or what they call “pokes” for additional comfort.

The Smart Canopy

In the future, we might be concerned saturation from electromagnetic fields. What could be better than a bed canopy that screens unwanted electrical fields and non-essential networks? The canopy can block light or provide it at frequencies that relax or awaken you, and even create an insect-repelling field.


In the closet, we envision clothes that harness the sun’s energy to charge your devices. We might have mood sweaters that read your mood and adjust their color accordingly, or may grow a bit to fit just right.

Mirrors and Gloves

The already-patented Amazon mirror will allow you to try on outfits virtually, without even needing to leave your bedroom. The mirror will let you interact with your wardrobe by detecting skin temperature and choosing the clothes that fit those readings. Update your wardrobe by shopping for clothes on your mirror, and adjusting the garments just right before ordering. Or maybe with 3D printers, we’ll be able to print the clothing we choose. If it's just a matter of color choices, there are already smart garments that will change their hues and tints according to your mood.

The Bathroom

Bathrooms can be fun when made smart, too. We already have waterproof bluetooth speakers that can be placed in anything from color programmable light bulbs to shower heads. An Amazon smart scale monitors weight, body fat, water percentage, and even muscle and bone mass. The Oral B Pro 5000 toothbrush has 5-different brushing modes, a built-in 2-minute timer, and an accompanying app that helps keep track of your brushing habits. But let’s dip into some crazy future ideas.

Showers and Tubs

Smart water heaters and fixtures will prepare your preferred water temperature with presets beforehand, then generate relaxing brain waves as you bathe. Aromatherapy can be available with the swipe of an app. Jets and wifi candles turn on with a swipe.

Moss Carpet

What better way to take advantage of the extra humidity in your bathroom than by growing a moss carpet? This carpet of the future, envisioned by Ikea, would steadily replenish itself by growing. It could give off your favorite scents, cushion your feet, and add health-giving oxygen to the room.


Think growing carpet is great? How about shampoo and conditioner than never run out? They’ll not only be engineered to your hair type and favorite scents, they’ll grow, so you never have to buy hem again.

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