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Why Do You Need Renter’s Insurance?

Michele Free - Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Because you love your stuff!

Why do you need renter’s insurance? The new Sony PS4 Pro you rage on all night. Your wife’s orchid-pink Galaxy S8 Plus you got her for her birthday. Her 2-carat engagement ring you’ll be paying for until 2027. That closet full of Jimmy Choo. What happens if it all goes up in smoke? If you’re renting and you have no renter’s insurance, nothing happens at all.

Renters insurance replaces your belongings—your property owner’s insurance won’t. Every day, residents just like you are hit with the financial bang of a kitchen fire, a nasty thief, or the traveling neighbor who left the water on for a week while in Cancun. Without renter’s insurance, you won’t get a cent to replace your stuff, even if you aren’t responsible for the accident. Bye bye 55-inch HDTV!

If that’s not enough reason to put down a few bucks a month for insurance, here’s another one. What if your 16-year-old drives the car through the garage door on your rental home? You might find yourself liable for an accident that causes bodily injury or poverty damage to others, even the property owner. Rental insurance could cover you for that.

And what if a tornado blows off your roof? Who's gonna pay for your stay in a hotel while it’s being fixed? You, of course. If you can’t afford a lengthy stay at a hotel, or even overnight while your rental home is being fumigated, check out rental insurance. Some companies will cover your relocation due to disaster.

Make sure you read the policy carefully before you buy--renter's policies differ greatly according to what they cover. Overall, the cost is low for the protection you get. Check it out online.

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